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It's time we move away from outdated models of disease-focused care to one that includes an integrative approach, to addressing our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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We are on a mission to educate individuals on integrative and holistic approaches to living a healthier and more fulfilling life. With a growing need for mental health support and the prevention of disease, holistic approaches can be essential tools in supporting our body, mind and spirit.

At Zaya, we are building the first mind-body medicine booking platform where individuals can find the best mental health and holistic health practitioners within Europe & the U.K. From psychotherapists to gynecologists - we're vetting the best practitioners who incorporate integrative, holistic, mind-body approaches in their practice.


Our focus is to help individuals who have been diagnosed or are experiencing; mental health conditions, as well as chronic or terminal illnesses with finding trustworthy practitioners, doctors, and therapists that specialize in integrative and holistic modalities. 

  • Find and book sessions with therapists and practitioners that use a holistic approach

  • Discover self-care and preventative approaches to support your mental health and physical well-being 

  • Learn how to heal holistically from highly qualified health experts in our workshops and free events

  • Join a  growing community and find others that understand what you're going through

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Zaya for health professionals

  • Sign up to be a Zaya practitioner on our booking platform

  • Build a network of trustworthy and credible practitioners for patient referrals

  • Learn holistic-care approaches in our events and workshops to better inform your patients on holistic modalities from highly-qualified holistic health educators.

  • Learn how to emotionally, mentally and spiritually support your patients to improve patient healthcare outcomes

  • Be a part of a movement to shift away from disease-focused care to whole-person care

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We curate events with a mission to educate others on holistic practices of medicine and to help them learn how to heal themselves with different modalities. Our mission is to support individuals in making well-informed decisions when choosing holistic care. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to psychedelic medicine, we invite some of the greatest minds in the fields of medicine, psychology, philosophy, and more in order to spread knowledge & awareness on non-pharmacological approaches to healing.

Thu, Nov 26
YouTube Livestream
Healing Through Lucid Dreaming
Join Dr. Clare Johnson and Nadeya Hassan as they discuss healing through lucid dreaming to resolve nightmares, heal trauma, and the body.

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Aviva Bannerman

Licensed Psychotherapist for Ketamine- and Cannabis Assisted-Therapy