Zaya is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) that is working to restore the environment by raising awareness of the importance of nature for our health and well-being.

By sharing the medicinal properties of plants, fungi, and psychedelic plant medicines, we hope to promote the value of nature and the symbiotic relationship that we share with it.

We offer a community-owned platform that encourages authentic connections, and intimate conversations focused on our health and environment for individuals, healers, activists, researchers, and web3 enthusiasts.

By developing this relationship with nature, I felt pained by the damage being done to it after all it provides us. Nature not only allowed me to heal through grief, loss, and illness, but it has also taught me the beauty of presence, kindness, and compassion simply by observing its altruistic essence. 


At Zaya, we recognize the powerful potential of plants, and nature, and want to be able to share their importance with the rest of the world as part of an initiative to protect them from environmental threats. 


After 3.5 years of research, ranging from over 100+ interviews with Integrative Medicine Doctors in the U.S. to Tibetan "Bön" Shamans in the Himalayas, this entire journey is what has given birth to Zaya.".


- Nadeya, Co-Founder of Zaya

"I grew passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection after my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. When he passed away in 2017, I became overwhelmed with profound feelings of loss and grief. Soon after, I was struck with a chronic illness that urged me to design a deeply therapeutic practice that combined mindfulness, plant medicine, and nutritious foods to heal my mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

Through this journey, I developed an understanding of nature's ability to heal through plants, minerals, fungi, and psychedelic plant medicines. I began to host workshops and events that discussed the power of these medicines in order to help me and others understand their potential for healing.

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