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Beyond Modern Medicine is a podcast with a mission to educate and spread awareness on holistic practices for your mental health and physical wellbeing. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to psychedelic-assisted therapy, we talk to the experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, philosophy and science to learn about their perspective on healing the mind and body beyond modern medicine.


Beyond Modern Medicine

Overcoming Insomnia Using CBTi & Mindfulness Psychotherapy

with Sleep Psychotherapist, Heather Darwall-Smith

Healing Trauma in the Body

with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Psychotherapist, Ariane Fuechtner

Healing the Mind & Body with Chinese Philosophy

with Dr. Paul C Wang - Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Understanding the Root Cause of Disease

with Katie Beecher - Medical Intuitive & Licensed Professional Counsellor

Managing Chronic Illness with Mind-Body Medicine

with Integrative Physiotherapist, Matt Erb

Healing with Cannabis & Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

with Aviva Bannerman

Somatic Psychotherapist & Psychedelic Integration Counselling

Psychedelics: Legalization and Therapeutic Use in the West

with Gabriel Amezcua and Lisa Wessing - Anthropologist & Psychotherapist

Emotional and Physical Healing Through Lucid Dreaming

with Lucid Dreaming Expert, Dr. Clare Johnson

Calming Stress and Anxiety Through Mindful Resiliency

with Trauma and Stress Counsellor and Buddhist Interfaith Chaplain, Rik Center


Getting off Psych Meds Holistically

with Holistic Psychiatrist, Dr. Ellen Vora

Healing Emotional & Physical Distress Through Bioenergetics

with Katie Beecher - Medical Intuitive & Licensed Professional Counsellor

Mind, Body and Soul Healing with Plants

with Naprapathic Physician and Herbalist, Dr. Rosita Arvigo

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