Virtual Events with Health Experts

Join us in our upcoming virtual events as we explore healing, beyond modern medicine. You can also replay some of our previous interviews with some of the best holistic health experts around the world.

  • Balancing Hormones, Stress & Gut Health Naturally
    Thu, Jul 01
    YouTube Live
    In this event, Naturopath and Herbalist, Janine Alonzo, will help us to explore the safe and effective therapeutic ways in which we can understand the biology of our hormones, as well as the interconnection between gut health, stress and how it affects the body.
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Circle for July
    Wed, Jul 14
    Every month, we provide a safe space for mindful group discussions to support your mental health and physical wellbeing. Meditate, get advice, connect with others and discuss important topics to help you become more mindful in your life.

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