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At Zaya, we strongly believe that integrative, mind-body approaches can be essential tools in achieving better health and preventing disease. Our focus is to help individuals who have been diagnosed or are experiencing; mental health conditions, as well as chronic or terminal illnesses with finding trustworthy practitioners, doctors, and therapists.

Our philosophy.

It's time we move away from outdated models of disease-focused care to one that includes addressing our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

We've done the hard work for you.

Going to the doctor only to be told "Nothing is wrong with you" can be a frustrating experience - or even worst - being told that the only way to address your condition is by taking pharmaceutical drugs or psychiatric medications for the rest of your life (p.s. we do not pill shame at Zaya, we fully understand the needs and importance of the biomedical model and allopathic approach to care when necessary).


When your mental and/or physical health isn't feeling the best, endlessly searching on google to find a provider that understands and is qualified in working with your condition can feel impossible. This is why we created Zaya. 

Each of our healthcare providers offers an integrative, holistic and mind-body approach to care. Providers are vetted, meaning our team thoroughly examines each application and conducts an interview with the provider before approving them to be on our booking platform. We do this in order to ensure the highest-quality providers to support your well-being.

How we are different from other wellness booking platforms.

At Zaya, we focus on building a list of healthcare providers that understand how to address the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of an individual. However, the issue many of us are seeing today is that many wellness or holistic platforms tend to lean on the "woo woo" side or disregard the publics need for safe, effective mind-body-environment integration. Althought we love the "woo" at Zaya, we fully understand that there are practices that do not adequately integrate the current state of the science. By providing providers with evidence-informed treatments that are parallel to the growth of integrative, holistic health, we can prevent the reoccurring backlash from the scientific establishment around holistic health as being pseudoscience.

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