• Nadeya Hassan

Replay our COVID-19 Healthcare Conference

We had an insightful and explorative discussion with our panelists on April 18th on how COVID-19 is impacting our healthcare systems and ourselves. We talked about the technological changes we can expect in our healthcare systems as well as how Traditional Chinese Medicine can support our health and well-being. Each of our panelists gave some invaluable guidance and information that was simply unforgettable - for those of you who didn't attend you can download the slides below! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, we recorded it for you! Check out the video we've posted above and let us know your thoughts! If you'd like to learn more about our panelists, check out their info below: Dr. Mel Borins Andrew Poksay Dr. Amy Wolf Maria Hallberg Äijä: www.shivashakti.se & www.aimterapi.s Sara Shah

Q/A Follow up

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Q/A. We had a few more questions we didn’t have time to go through during the conference. However, our panelists were kind enough to get your questions answered after the conference!

Question 1: @Amy - Is there a way in the US to provide TCM to Homeless/Low Income (southside eg) Answer from Dr. Amy Wolf: In terms of Acu for low income, the TCM school student clinics here in Chicago make treatment affordable (I believe as low as $5 per treatment and high as $45) and there are also community style clinics that offer discounted rates as well.  Also, there are clinics that may provide the NADA/addiction/PTSD auricular protocols for free as well especially to veterans. Question 2: Which country do you think handled the pandemic the best and why? Answer from Maria: I, as a Swede living in country that has been choosing a different way of handling the virus than most other countries, would like to say that what works for one country doesn’t necessarily work for others. In Sweden, for example, adults do not live with their parents. Grandparents seldom help with the grandchildren. We have very few big cities, and our whole population is very low, and many lives in small households.

Question 3: They say there may be a return in the fall, do you think we will handle it better because we have adopted better ways? Answer from Maria: I think we will learn what works best from experience. Question 4:  My nonprofit is dedicated to offering trauma informed yoga, but often the word "trauma" scares people away. Would welcome any recommendations on how to reach more people who might benefit greatly from a practice right now? Answer from Maria: Yes, I have noticed that that can happen. I have worked with using the term ”The heart is in the body Yoga”. 

Thank you to our sponsor, Jotform

This event was happily sponsored by our friends over at JotForm. JotForm has launched their JotForm Coronavirus Responder Program which provides free, unlimited, [HIPAA-compliant JotForm](https://www.jotform.com/hipaa/?) accounts to eligible first responders, healthcare workers, and government and nonprofit organizations that want to help their communities! To learn more about the JotForm Coronavirus Responder Program , go to https://www.jotform.com/corona-responder-program/

Wishing you all the best in happiness and healing through these times. If you're ever in need of support, join our Facebook group to meet, ask questions and connect with others in the Zaya community.