The metaverse has the potential to expand old ways of thought. It can provide humanity and our earth with a medium to overthrow boundaries set in place by space and time.

Leveraging the magic of decentralized data transmission and virtual environments that go beyond our range of normal human experiences, metaverses have the power to build an existential experience where one can gather, connect, share, transform and expand. With conscious and ethical implementation and adaptation, the metaverse has the power to change the internal system at an individualized level and at scale within a society. If one is able to dispel the fear that an alternate reality can detract from the physical world, one will very clearly see that the implementation of the metaverse holds power to change both digital and in-person worlds interchangeably.

...a paracosm that provides us with a creative output for the unexpressed, and hidden self.

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. A world to form intimate connections not confined to the character or expectations of behavior. A world to experience the preconceived illusion of the birth of a new self. A world to disassociate with the pure nature of mundane reality. And a world that offers us a complex and deeply felt relationship with a subjective universe - a paracosm that provides us with a creative output for the unexpressed, and hidden self. One where its citizens can collectively agree to catalyze change through collective action that adheres to a mission that advances human consciousness.

A utopian ultraverse. A cosmic, social playground that transcends the egotistical view of self to a conglomeration of social unification with a focus on the evolution of humanity and planet earth. One that makes ego dissolution possible without the need for deep meditation, entheogens, or other systems and processes that lead to self-actualization. It's the separation of self that allows the expansion of thought.

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