How we select our providers.

Curious about how we select the providers  or how our providers are rated on our booking platform? Read on!

Each of our healthcare providers is vetted, meaning our team thoroughly examines each application and conducts an interview with the provider before approving them to be on our booking platform. We do this in order to ensure the highest-quality providers to support your well-being.

Our review system: 

We believe each client has a unique experience and what is important for some, may not necessarily be important for the next person. Written testimonials are useful - however, they don't include the crucial information we usually need when selecting a service or product.

Because of this, we decided to freshen up the review system by including valuable "character bubbles" about a providers' qualities and behaviors to help others know if they possess a quality that is important to them during their healthcare experience.

After each session, clients can rate the provider on which of the qualities they acknowledged while working with the provider as well as the ones that need improvement.

The following qualities have been provided below. Please use this as a reference when booking a healthcare provider on our platform.


Empathetic: Demonstrates sensitivity to a client's emotional state, and is able to communicate well with warmth and acceptance. Can understand and identify with a clients experiences, even if the client does not describe their thoughts or feelings explicitly to them.


Excellent listener: Demonstrates active listening to clients. Reflects thoughts back to, and is able to remember important events and feelings that the client conveys.


Communicates hope and optimism: Acknowledges struggles and yet engenders hope that the client can and will get unstuck.


Non-judgemental: Demonstrates acceptance and nonjudgmental attitude – accepts the

client for who they are and in their current situation.


Trustworthy: Demonstrates the ability to create trust with a client – client feels understood and believes the therapist is capable of helping them.


Ethical: Acts within appropriate ethical boundaries. Establishes and maintains healthy

boundaries with a client in treatment.


Critical Thinker: Demonstrates the ability to keep up to date on research trends, knows enough about medication to be able to talk to people about any medications they are taking and can remain mindful of holistic treatments such as mindfulness, exercise, herbal therapies, or nutritional changes.


Professional: Demonstrates professionalism through punctuality, reliability, organization, and a clean office environment.


Excellent observation skills: Notices clients' body language and mannerisms. Can help a client notice these things too, in ways that help the client understand themselves better.