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Finding holistic medicine that works isn't easy. At Zaya, we help you make well-informed decisions when choosing non-pharmacological treatments through our user-friendly booking platform and by providing comprehensive holistic health information. With our booking platform, you can find trustworthy practitioners, doctors, and therapists that specialize in holistic modalities based on your health conditions. 

Our mission is to support your mental health and physical wellbeing by providing the tools and resources you need to feel confident when choosing holistic and integrative medicine.


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At Zaya, we curate events with a mission to educate on holistic practices of medicine. From acupuncture to psychedelic-assisted therapy, we work with some of the greatest minds in the fields of medicine, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and science in order to  spread awareness on healing the mind and body beyond modern medicine.

Thu, Sep 24
Free Online Event
Healing Trauma in the Body
Learn how to heal trauma in the body with somatic experiencing practitioner & psychotherapist, Ariane Fuechtner.
Wed, Sep 30
Balancing Emotions with Chinese Philosophy
Join Dr. Paul C. Wang in this informative and engaging workshop on how to balance your emotions using the principles of Chinese philosophy.
Thu, Oct 08
Free Online Event
Getting Off Psych Meds
Join holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Ellen Vora and founder of Zaya, Nadeya Hassan as they discuss getting off of psych meds safely and holistically.

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